Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am heartily sorry

Two public apologies to make after I took claren for a long walk on the bike trail today.

I am sorry, but I was unable to pick her poop up. It was on a slope next to the trail and between the trail and the slope was a small ditch with water. I went to the top of the slope and tried to get the poop by going down toward it, but I was a little worried I might get stuck.

I also apologize to Jackass McAss (I am sure that was his name) for the colorful language I used after he almost hit Claren and I.

I was crossing West Street at the bike trail in the crosswalk. No cars coming, I checked. Because it was raining I had a hood on so I didn't have much peripheral vision. As I was crossing the center line, I saw movement and stopped. Mr. McAss in his green SUV was attempting to drive between me and the edge of the road.

I mean really? Give me a break! I am in a crosswalk, in the rain, in a wheelchair, and you are trying a jackass stunt like that?

That is essentially what I yelled at him so I am sorry I was mad and used bad language when you almost killed me.


Anonymous said...

I wish you got his license plate number. I would love to go after him!

Matt Trott said...

HA, I forget I have lawyers on my side.

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