Sunday, October 18, 2009

Next step: Wetsuit

I got to try out my long-sleeved diving shirt today at swimming today. It was OK. I can see how it would work well under a wetsuit because I was quite toasty when I was going into swimming wearing just it and my jacket (Well, and my suit and swimming suit).

I'll probably wear it again, but the biggest service it provides? It is so tight it clearly shows all the muscles I don't have.

Anyway ... swimming was good. I probably did 10 pool lengths and then worked on my legs mostly. It was pretty pathetic that I could not stand in the pool, hold the edge and kick my right leg out to the side. I did the left with no problem.

My helper let me off the hook, telling me it was OK to stop. I'll still probably be sore.

He is a good guy, my helper. I asked him why he helped out and he said that we spend too much time helping ourselves and it just feels good to help other people. If I am just going to leech off others, I am glad it makes them happy.

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