Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's wrong with dessert?

It was such a nice day today, and I was off work so I could enjoy it.

It was so nice, in fact, that I considered going outside after lunch and lying on the ground. My sister would no doubt freak when she brought her son home at lunch to find her brother lying on the ground.

The joke would have been on me, though, because she didn't come home at lunch, meaning I'd have been stuck. You have to be willing to suffer for a joke, but that would have stunk (and yes, I am exaggerating because I would not have been stuck).

I decided Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes would do this kind of thing ... if Calvin used a wheelchair and had a really sick sense of humor.

After Sunday dinner, though, I know I am nowhere near the Calvin in my soon-to-be household.

At that meal, my almost 5-year-old nephew waged an ultimately unsuccessfully attempt not to eat the three grains of rice his mother put in front of him. Actually, it wasn't even that. He was trying to not eat the rice but still eat dessert. But because he is, like Calvin, a "dessertetarian," I guess it was almost the same thing.

It was, as his father said, an Oscar--winning performance. He laughed, he cried, he crumpled into his mother's arms, he wandered away from the table, he did it all.

It felt like it took half an hour, and I realized how much trouble I am in if he does this at our new dinner table. His parents will hate me because I will totally fall for his show and undermine their efforts to teach my nephew to eat more than yogurt, breakfast foods and dessert.

Think of all the cavities he will have. They will probably make me pay for them.


Anonymous said...

Damn straight you will pay for them. We are hard core now. Joe had half a chicken nugget and some carrot for dinner tonight. He was probably full from all the graham crackers and rice crackers he wheedled out of dad earlier!


Matt Trott said...

Dad told me how many crackers he had. Holy cow!

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