Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wheelchair pinball

I was riding down the elevator staring at the elevator glass, wondering how in the hell I broke the glass in the elevator last year.

What on earth could have possessed me to head into an elevator so fast?

Then I remembered the other day when I was trying to get an elevator to the garage.

Let me set the scene: Three elevators. I press the button at the center car. The one on the right opens. I get over there just in time for it to shut on my face. I press the button at the right car; the center one opens and I get there just as it closes. I press the center button again and the right one opens. This time I made it in, but I felt like a pinball.


Anonymous said...

when things like this happen, i feel like i am on candid camera. did you see allen funt anywhere near you (i kind of hope not since I think he's gone on to that tv studio in the sky)

Matt Trott said...

See, with me I'd have to keep Allen Funt on retainer.

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