Monday, December 21, 2009

Out-of-control ballet dancer

My physical therapists always ask me: Did you fall recently?

I never really know how to answer. "Duh, I have Friedreich's ataxia, don't I?"

But at my next appointment I will tell them about today and I will ask them whether AFOs are for me.

I fell today while transferring to the toilet -- twice. Luckily I was clothed both times. The first one, I sat on my wheelchair joystick, bending it pretty much beyond repair. The second time I sat on the toilet paper holder at home and broke it pretty much off the wall. Neither hurt much, at least physically.

Both happened because I was wearing AFOs, which do not let my ankles bend at all so my feet can't reach the ground from my wheelchair. I slide forward and eventually my heel touches the floor, but depending on the angle of my leg no other part of my foot does. I then pivot around on my heel, feeling like an out-of-control ballet dancer.

Sometimes, it works OK; other times -- like twice today -- it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

lousy! There are a lot of unclean words I would rather use to describe your situation. I know it feels like sometimes you can't win. Wait until you see my Bigfoot!

Matt Trott said...

I wish they made me feel better.

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