Thursday, December 24, 2009

Someone is watching over me

We joke that my little sister is turning into Mom. She should be so lucky, but maybe there is a bit of truth to the theory.

For as long as I can remember, I have laughed during prayers. I hope it is seen as me making "a joyful noise" or something. Prayers at dinner are particularly troublesome.

At dinner each day of Advent Mom recites a prayer: "By day and by night and in every season, you watch over us, oh Lord."

I don't laugh, but I am just not sure I can believe that. I fall far too often to think someone is watching over me ... unless that someone is really in to slapstick. I have prayed too often -- I don't ask to be cured -- just not to get worse. And yet my stumbles keep growing more common.

Mom has said she will believe that God cares for me ... until I am able. And at dinners with my little sister during Advent I have noticed that she squeezes my hand as if to say she believes that for me, too.

Or maybe she is just trying to get me not to laugh.


Anonymous said...

i didn't know we were joking.

Anonymous said...

So many thoughts, I don't know where to begin. Perhaps, if I were only so lucky would be the best place to start. As for the believing...isn't that our job? To believe for others what they cannot see or feel or know until they can do so for themselves? How did we get so lucky me and you?

Matt Trott said...

We aren't joking, but we are lucky.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that you would say "shake shake whoo" last night during blessing. I was laughing inside thinking about it.

Matt Trott said...

"Shake Shake Whoo" really needs the D's to achieve full effect. You're right, though, that would have been great.

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