Saturday, March 27, 2010

Doctors baffled as guy walks into new house

The home-building is moving along at exactly the pace my real estate friend said it would. That means slower than I hoped but about what I expected.

Perhaps, though, this will give me time to temper my beliefs about this new house will change my life and make everything wonderful.

I am pretty sure the house will not cure my Friedreich's ataxia, and what would be the sense of that since it will have all those accessibility features.

But other than that, I have life-changing expectations.

I'll become the host of parties, and friends will stop by all the time. I will play Wii with my nephew all night. Claren the wonder dog will find canine friend nearby. Mom will still make me muffins because, let's face it, Mom's cooking vs. my sister's ... (HEE! Just a joke.) I will become a social butterfly.

I have a problem with expecting changes in locale to solve my problems. My second counselor put me on meds because I became depressed when moving back to Northern Virginia didn't make everything better.

I was so sure it would, never mind that I was also using a wheelchair full time for the first time.

I was so sure I'd make friends and go out. I guess I slowly made friends, but when you don't drive and can't get into a lot of houses, well, you don't get out as often as you'd like.

I started seeing my third counselor after I moved into my own condo, and that also did not free me, at least not like I hoped.

The house will be done in summer sometime. I have until then to lower my expectations; maybe just count on the all-night Wii marathon.


Anonymous said...

Oh Matt, I don't know what to say. I know that there will be Wii marathons. If his mother let him, he would play every stinkin night of the week with you. Maybe that would be a food bargain???
As far as parties...bring them on. This in OUR house. Hell I'll even make appies for you and go get the booze.
As far as mom making muffins, b/c my sister's cooking???? Watch it buddy boy ;)


and PS: my word verification is "fouck"

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the secret escape route. Heated for your comfort. -- Ellen

Anonymous said...

If you move in close by then we can add an off shoot to the underground tunnel to your house as well. Then Will can come over at will to ask superhero related questions. Think we could convince him that Matt is Prof. X?

Matt Trott said...

I am almost as cool as Prof X, but I don't think I could swing the bald look.

And I am just putting out there the possibility that I will be a jerk when we move in, although it seems unlikely as I will have my boxes of action figures to unpack.

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