Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why, yes, that is a dog leash I am wearing

As my hacking fits moved into day three, I decided to rig up something so I did not fly into my computer screen at every cough.

I got Mom to sling one of Claren's long leashes through the back handle of my chair. Then I ran it across my chest like a seatbelt. Then I ran it across my lap to a carabiner I keep on my chair.

I don't mean to sound too arrogant --I mean I was wearing a dog leash -- but it worked pretty awesomely.


Anonymous said...

you probably should not write things on the internet that say "I was wearing a dog leash." Lord knows what kind of gimp searches people make are now going to bring them to you. ;)

xoxo big brother


ps sorry mom and dad

Anonymous said...

I was thinking along those lines, but decided to take the high road and not post about it.

Anonymous said...

brown noser ;)

Matt Trott said...

y'all are just jealous that I can pull off the dog leash look.

Anonymous said...

ok...that's just downright ooogy.

I need to go bleach my brain now.


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