Friday, April 2, 2010


Last night a friend said that my presence was "such a great blessing" to my niece and nephew, but I wonder what my niece would say to that after I ran her over.

Granted, it was her fault, but she's 6, so I suspect it was my fault.

I am not exactly sure of all these events, but they are the only explanations that come to mind when I replay the incident.

She was sitting on my left knee and driving my power chair. She was in third gear, which was one faster than I realized. Her brother had just fallen down and was being comforted by his parents, so my niece and I were on our own, more or less. I did have my hand on the joystick, but I let her steer.

She started going into the grass and up a slight incline.

Going over grass is bumpy so I suspect my left foot came off the footrest and my left leg, where my niece was sitting, became less a sit-able surface and more a slidable one. What I know is that she started slipping off my lap.

Again I suspect that I was leaning forward in my chair to hold my niece up with my left arm as she slid down. What I know is that I was leaning forward, which meant my right hand was pushing forward on the joystick and driving my niece farther under the chair.

Next thing I knew, my niece was disappearing under the footplate of the chair, yelling WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!

I am not sure how I stopped pushing the joystick. As my sister came running up after hearing her daughter's yells, I do know that I was bent over at the waist. Maybe I just pulled my arm off the joystick and my body flopped in half.

My niece's foot was all muddy and she was laughing a little too hard to convince me (and her) that she was OK. She also took a minute to push my body upright again.

I wonder who is really blessed.


jess said...

sounds like everyone in the story is blessed. what a wonderful family you all make.

Anonymous said...

amen Jess, amen.

xo Matt


Matt Trott said...

Yes, we are lucky.

jess said...

Nah, that's not luck, honey.

It's love.

Anonymous said...

I think K's reaction proves my point. -- Ellen

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