Monday, April 26, 2010

I am going to drown, no way around it

In swimming yesterday, I was trying to go from standing at the wall to a back-float and then from a float to the wall.

It was ridiculously easy to go the float because I had on my swimmie, the fat suit. But when I tried to go back to the wall I had some issues.

If I bend my legs at the knees, I tend to go into a standing position, and the first time it worked perfectly. The second time I sort of rolled a bit. I should have gone under, but because of the float suit, I just rolled a bit back and forth and then reached the wall.

At this point, my teacher, who was watching, said: Yeah, when you are worried you might be going under you should close your mouth. I laughed because I had realized my mouth was wide open, too. Not just open, though.

Apparently when I think I am going under I try to take a last breath for good luck. Of course, I am not fast enough so I just inhale water.


jess said...

yeah, sounds like there might be a couple of kinks to work out in that there system of yours :)

Matt Trott said...

Two potential reasons for my open mouth present themselves. The first is that I am laughing at myself because people are watching. That will be easy to fix. Swim alone or without help. If it is the second reason, though, I am screwed. I might be opening my mouth and smiling just because it is so cool to float.

Anonymous said...

you must never swim alone!!!

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