Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's Miller Time

I wish beer didn't taste like gutter water because this evening I really wanted to say It''s Miller Time and pop open a cold one.

I got out of my trike and chaise lounge all on my own earlier today. But those acts were just warm-ups for Matt's Independence Day.

The joystick arm on my wheelchair has been bent out of shape for ages. It is a crappy design that encourages bending, I think, although sometimes I am at fault.

One of the times I was to blame was when I yawned and a screw on the arm broke. I had to get the whole apparatus replaced, but I kept the broken one for parts.

In time, the arm became loose and wobbly again, so today, I dismantled the wheelchair arm and put the old one on, using a screw from the new one.

Matt. Doing physical, somewhat coordination-requiring stuff. How about that? Dad helped on the re-assembly but I was the idea man and the dismantler.


Anonymous said...

yay Matt

Matt Trott said...

I am still pretty proud of the wheelchair.

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