Tuesday, June 29, 2010

F.O.M.'s allowed

For the second time in 12 days I have gotten a note from a friend I work with that they are leaving to take another job in the media industry.

My pay has been frozen since late 2008. My industry is widely derided as dying. One of the worst recessions in years is keeping the unemployment rate high.

And my friends are quitting to take other jobs, good jobs, although they both are with radio companies -- talk about your dying industries.

I am starting to think it is me.

At first I wondered if I smell bad or something. I do shower daily and participate regularly in hygienic practices. Plus, I realized, these friends work on different floors. The chance that eau de Matt is wafting down and driving folks to quit seem unlikely.

Then I realized: They are taking advantage of the coveted F.O.M. status. I am sure that sometime during their interview they let it slip in casually: blah, blah, blah "as I was saying the other day to Matt Trott ..." This, obviously sets off alarm bells (the good kind) for the interviewer who starts to throw money at the interviewee, my friend.

OK, maybe not. But I am struggling to find positives these days.


Ellen said...

I have actually boasted of F.O.M. status. No joke.

Matt Trott said...

All right, you have totally made my day. Thanks! I hope you were amply rewarded for being an F.O.M.

I just googled F.O.M., worried that it might be an acronym for something bad. I was relieved to see that the top hits were: Faces of Mankind (a massively multiplayer online RPG), Foundations of Mathematics email list and the Fishers of Men non-denominational tournament. FOM is clear, too. FOM actually can stand for Fraternal Order of Moai, who are fans of tiki culture. Awesome.

M.G.H. said...

I don't plan on leaving anytime soon, but if I do happen upon an interview, you better believe I'll mention my F.O.M. status.

Until then, let me count the things we love about our workplace: trips around the pond, eating outdoors, Mahmoud and the pastaria, Sushi Tuesdays, Southern Fried Chicken Salad Wednesdays, cake at least once a month, and the Random Email Thread Club! :)

jess said...

That's exactly how I got a reservation at the hottest restaurant in town last week. Lyndsay Lohan is so 5 minutes ago, but Matt is the new black.

Matt Trott said...

I really hope you do, M.G.H., if only because I want to know what how the interviewer reacts. "Who the heck is Matt?" is my bet, unless you visit our sister site NPR. Brett was talking up the taco bar today, but we decided the pb&j from home is a good thing.

Oh, LL. What happened to the gal from Mean Girls? I should totally be more famous than she.

And thanks, you two! I have recovered from last week just in time for the weekend.

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