Thursday, June 17, 2010

Go-kart Mozart, I am not

When I was younger, I wore a lot of visors. My two favorites were an Orioles one and a Snoopy one from my Great Uncle Frank.

One year we were vacationing at a lake in New Hampshire, Winnipesaukee or Winnisquam, and we went to ride go-karts. I was too little to drive, so I was riding around with my Uncle M, who is not my Great Uncle but is still great.

A brief aside: I only remember actually driving a go-kart once. I don't remember actually fearing that I'd kill someone, maybe myself, but subconsciously that thought was probably there. I never rode the bumper boats, either.

Anyway, tragedy struck on the ride with my uncle (not really, but I am trying to make things more dramatic).

As we were cruising around, my Snoopy visor flew off and landed in the track. My uncle didn't rattle easily. We went around again, and as we approached the wayward visor he slowed. Then he started doing the tomahawk chop with his left hand out the side of the go-kart to let other drivers know we were up to something. And at the bottom of one of the chops he scooped up the visor. Problem solved.

I was thinking about my go-kart days this morning in the shower. I dropped the bottle of body wash and when I bent down to my right to pick it up, my body slid forward bringing my arm up. I did this several times, and I started hoping that my arm would hook the body wash like my uncle hooked the visor.

It didn't hook it really, but I was able to snag it on one of the passes. And yes, I understand it is usually not the wisest move to let your body slide forward in the shower, but it seemed relatively safe at the time.

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