Monday, June 7, 2010

My stupid hearing is making me feel old

A friend of mine sent out an e-mail and wrote a blog post about NPR streaming the new album by Gaslight Anthem. Even though I had heard of the band in reference to Bruce Springsteen, I had not heard their music before, so I listened. And I realized why my musical preferences only run through 1995.

It's not that no good music has been created in the past 15 years -- I am not one of those people -- I know there is still good music being born. But I can't hear it well enough.

Gaslight Anthem sounded cool enough, but the lyrics might as well have been "Yabba dabba do" repeated all the way through. More or less.

The songs of my youth have been hammered into my brain, so I know that Springsteen does not mention the devil when he sings "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out."

I just can't hear the lyrics. Even some of Springsteen's later songs fall into the "Yabba dabba do" category, I am embarrassed to say.

I'm sorry, Gaslight Anthem, Dropkick Murphys and others. I'm not old, I just can't hear.


I am off next Wednesday and a Wednesday in August. I told CCI I could go to Walter Reed then (Wednesday is the day you have to go and my boss is off most of July.)


Patrick said...

If it helps any, I can't make out most of the lyrics either yet, and I'm disappointed by the Internet tonight that no one has tried to write them down in a Google-able way yet. But I hold out hope that one day the lyrics will arrive! (Maybe when the album does.)

My word verification is "pinspops." Really? What in the world?

Anonymous said...

You mean it's not 'tempt devil in the freeze aisle'?


Matt Trott said...

Maybe I just have no time to sit and listen to the music with the lyrics right there like I used to.

jess said...

Hooray! (No, not the lyrics, Walter Reed. Hooray!)

Matt Trott said...

Yeah, I am getting excited about going, but I haven't heard anything yet.

Also, I forgot to mention to ejd that it is not "tempt devil ..." And Flashdance does not include the line "Takes your pants down..."

Anonymous said...

Listen Mr. Smarty Pants....I know that now! I just spent the better part of my youth thinking that. Kind of how I never knew there weren't really words to the Nutcracker....

Just for the record...I think it is better with the words.


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