Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I know life is not fair, but why must it be such a jerk?

On The Rising, just about every song Bruce Springsteen sings makes me cry. Well, maybe not tonight because it is 100 freaking degrees and I have no moisture free for tears. Not that I prefer cold.

But the song that did get me, despite the heat, is Countin' on a Miracle.
I'm countin' on a miracle
Baby I'm countin' on a miracle
Darlin' I'm countin' on a miracle
To come through
I guess it tells the story of someone who lost a significant other on 9/11, and the singer is forced to hope for a miracle to keep living. Or something. Maybe the singer wants the old life back. I don't know. I imagine Mrs. O'Clisham, my high school English teacher, would have a field day finding meaning in most Springsteen songs.

For me, I hate that life is so hard that we are not able to live it on our own, that we have to count on a miracle every day. Maybe that is the point, that humanity can't survive the world alone.

But it really sucks that so often you need a miracle, or even a little break, and you get crap.


Tony said...


Anonymous said...

How did you know that Countn' On a Miracle is probably one of my favorite Springsteen songs and I absolutely went crazy singing it at the top of my lungs when I saw The Rising tour at Verizon Center. I saw that concert before Shepherd and before my latest diagnosis. Time to pull out The Rising and sing out loud. My yoga instructor wants me to do that anyway to help my breathing. Hopefully Tony will join me. I love you.

Matt Trott said...

I got your backs, motherfuckers. I mean, Tony and sdt.

Anonymous said...

why thank U.!

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