Sunday, July 11, 2010

Learning to breathe

Turns out that I have been breathing wrong for 38 years, 11 months and 11 days.

All right, not quite. I am just breathing wrong if I want to swim.

Mom is off the hook for this one as I guess I can blame evolution for making breathe like a land animal.

I am not quite sure how to breathe yet, but as my swimming teacher bluntly put it: Yeah, it is something you learn or you take in a lot of water.

I had just admitted to the teacher that while I was being pulled a length of the pool in five-second bursts on my stomach, there was a lot of water in my nose.

It was an interesting experience. I held someone's forearms. When I was ready, I took a breath and put my face in the water. She walked backward for five seconds. I let her pull me off my legs and when they were horizontal in the water, I tried to kick.

I survived. I did take in a lot of water. It sort of rested in my nose and if I did anything nose-wise the water rushed in.

It was tiring, too. But I'm still alive.

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