Friday, July 23, 2010

A little off-balance

You know it's not your day when you can't stand on your own two feet... Wait ... Oh crap, I can't do that normally... Hang on... OK, got it:

You know it is not your day when you can't balance precipitously on your own two feet while pulling up your pants as your head rests in the corner of the bathroom stall providing some stability.

Now before you pooh-pooh my standard dressing method as crazy dangerous, just remember: It works ... usually.

But today, my left leg buckled, and I fell. My cheek hit something smooth and hard, either the wheelchair controller or the toilet, my glasses flew off behind the toilet, and I sort of sat on Claren. Surprisingly, she did not move. I think she realized she was trapped so she just took one for the team.

My pants were up this time, so I was OK if I needed help. I also had heard the maintenance guy in the bathroom, although he was gone when I got out.

I did get back in my chair OK, Claren found and grabbed my glasses. I put them on, washed up, and we went back to our desk.


Anonymous said...

all in a days work. If people really knew what happened each day for us!

Shannon said...

The first sentence is the definition of the good kind of bitter. You are the good kind of a lot of things.

Matt Trott said...

sdt, I read about a quadriplegic who put a video of him getting ready in the morning. Should be required watching.

Thanks, Shannon. I liked that first line, too.

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