Thursday, July 1, 2010

Riding forever on the elevator

Claren and I were returning from a nice walk around the pond with two friends. I got in the elevator at the Terrace level and my wheelchair immediately made some error beep and died.

As we were passing floor 1, I was turning it on and off a few times, but I kept getting this weird error about something being missing.

At the second floor, I started thinking about telling my friends they would need to throw my chair in neutral and drag me off the elevator.

As we approached 3, my floor, I desperately mashed all the buttons on the handset and it started working.

I was worried I would be like that guy who got stuck on the MTA.


Anonymous said...

happy you got it working.

Anonymous said...

That song always bugged me. His wife gave him a sandwich through the window, so why couldn't she just give him a freakin nickel?


Matt Trott said...

Well yes. He could have skipped out on the fare, too.

M.G.H. said...

I love that you brought in that song, Matt! :) My dad always sang it when we were growing up. Per EMT's comment, despite my having heard the song repeatedly, I never picked up on that. But now that I have, I'll never hear it the same way again!

Matt Trott said...

My uncle sang it to us, and EMT is a disturbed teen-ager, don't let her ruin the song! (Just kidding, EMT, my favorite W&M niece!)

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