Monday, August 16, 2010

Whoops -- don't be scared

Maybe, just maybe when I was looking through my older writings for something to post, I should not have looked in the leper folder.

I wrote that a few years ago when I was young and bitter. Now that I am old and bitter, I am still pissed off, but being that angry takes an awful lot out of you. I was exhausted just reading that post over. I do have other leper monologues, so watch out if you see leper again.

I could have instead soared to intellectual heights, sharing my essay titled "Sex and Scoob" in which I point out that Scrappy Doo is not the Great Satan some think. Take a read:

Sex can ruin everything, or so I am told. It obviously broke up the Scooby gang. Everyone always badmouths Scrappy Doo, but look what he had to work with: A drugged-out Shaggy and an over-the-hill Scooby. That's it. Velma, Fred and Daphne had left. No doubt the departures were because Fred knocked Daphne up one time when they were supposed to be hunting clues, leading an exasperated Velma to quit the gang because it was no longer about the mysteries. Humiliated and embarrassed, Velma took her mother's name of Dana, got contacts, dropped a few pounds and learned how to run. She then joined th FBI. Sure Velma made guest shots while in medical school and Daphne reappeared from time to time to make money to support a baby and out-of-work Freddy.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this. The leper posting just got me way too depressed.

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