Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dog walks girl

My 7-year-old niece has decided she likes Claren. I understand this because Claren is awesome.

Claren is cool with the new-found attraction because it means someone else to play with besides me. I am her dad after all.

Claren also likes it because it means someone to take advantage of. Not like I am a drill sergeant with her, but I make her walk next to me and not follow her nose wherever it goes.

My niece wanted to walk Claren last night and since I'd be there, too, I let her.

Wow, did Claren take advantage. She walked my niece, who to her credit never let go of the leash, through the front yards of all the new houses on our block. She then wandered all around the yard of a neighbor with Dachshunds. Claren never dragged my niece exactly, but just went where she wanted and my niece followed.

From the street, I would call at Claren when she got to far away and she generally changed her direction, but did not always come.

A mother who was out with her kids watched us carefully and asked us if we needed any help.

I told her no, thanks, and we didn't need any. I can recall Claren in an emergency. Mainly, though, I was having too good a time watching the whole episode.

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