Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Breast cancer: Still shitty

My Making Strides Page I believe I have made clear my feelings on breast cancer (See: "I fukcing hate breast cancer"). And on Saturday I will be marching against it.

Well, I'll be rolling, not marching.

I do totally rock the pink bracelet I have been wearing 24/7 since July, but still not a fan of breast cancer. I mean I don't even like the color pink.

I don't even need the bracelet; I have my badass Superfriends wacth anyway. It just needed a battery.

It should be super easy, even for one used to sleeping in on Saturdays. All I have to do is remember to charge my chair the night before. And even if I don't, then someone else would need to push me. Actually, that might be fun: not charge my chair and kind of will myself to make it, like Kramer and the gas gauge in the car. See how far you cam really go.

Oh, and I need to not roll off any sidewalks. Not as simple as it seems.


Anonymous said...

If I get tired can I ride on the back like the kids do?



Anonymous said...

So what's the name of this march? The Matt Trott Roll Against Breast Cancer? Nice.

Ellen said...

Matt rocks AND he rolls.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of this whole post and dialogue is that once again Matt has made it all about Matt. It's breast cancer for goodness sake! ;)

Matt is great, feed him chocolate cake.


Matt Trott said...

I am just mad Judy waited till now to come up with an awesome team name.

Anonymous said...

I love the post! I am so glad that you and Claren are participating. I know, early Saturday morning. But it will be worth it! I was totally thinking the same thing about charging my chair!

Anonymous said...

give em hell, mat. breast cancer sucks ass.

Matt Trott said...


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