Saturday, October 30, 2010

The inaugural Matt Trott roll against breast cancer

I know you can't really see Claren, but I
am not looking happy in the other pictures
If the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk was any indication, everyone should go on a American Cancer Society walk.

It was for a good cause and all, but it was such a freaking cool ego boost.

I didn't even get up on stage with my sister-in-law because of the stairs. They spirited up a ramp in back. So I missed that adulation.

But it didn't matter.

I had the Wonder Dog. Several strangers took photos of Claren, who was the only legal dog there. I saw four other dogs, although the rules stated no animals, and she was way cuter.

Even better: At the beginning of the walk, volunteers line the path. Their sole job seems to be telling you how awesome you are and thanks for doing the walk and just general whooping and cheering.

I started off with my sister-in-law, but when she kept stopping to talk to people, I took off ahead. No one was interested in passing my sister-in-law and my sister was taking photos of my sister-in-law, so I was alone for the gauntlet of cheering volunteers.

It was like every walk I take in my dream.

The rest of the walk was OK. A crowded mosey down sidewalks that weren't always smooth is not my idea of a good time, bur I only ran down one person. I may also have run my sister off the path a time or two. It is really hard for me to go at a steady speed for an extended time. Not sure why, just can't.

It was crazy crowded because of the Jon Stewart rally, but people were quite polite mostly. I wish people would realize that handicapped parking spots have space around them because people using the spots may need the space to open ramps or doors or whatever. The extra space is not just a spot for people to park in.

I have to go to bed now, and I am totally going to dream about the beginning of the walk.


Anonymous said...

quite frankly, I wish I was not on the stage. If you saw that ramp in the back it was more than scary. It was barely wide enough for my wheelchair and if not for some burly guys, I would have fallen off. So glad you enjoyed the walk. It was incredibly inspiring and fun. Having you and Claren there made it even better!

Matt Trott said...


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