Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Save the mouse; screw the doctors

This is probably the saddest video I have seen -- a mouse with ataxia.

I don't at all oppose medical research on animals, but I just want to take this mouse home and cuddle it. (Stop here if you like doctors.)

The laughter. Apparently this was a lecture to med students, so really what the fuck? Bunch of goddamn asses. I hope they all get some kind of ataxia.

The cluelessness of doctors does not stop there. Recently, my sister was giving a doctor her family history and the doctor seemed surprised that two of her brothers had Friedreich's ataxia. So what's the story, moron doctor asked.

My sister asked her what she meant, and the doctor said, well, are you Mormon?

Was the doctor asking if we were inbred? We are not strong like the inbreds from my new favorite movie. Nor are we cannibals.

Maybe I was wrong. I assumed the assumed the laughing students were just twerps. But maybe they are all inbred.

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Anonymous said...

that is disgraceful. and disgusting.

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