Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Too cool for words

In our restructuring at work, people were put in two overall categories, and today my group met.

One of the questions asked of the bosses there was why some people were put in this group and some in the other group.

I immediately decided that the reason we were in out group was because we were cool, and I decided to share my wit with the room.

Keep in mind that I have worked with all the people in the group for years, some as many as 10, so I was pretty sure it would go over well. And I thought that a little joke from the really quiet staffer would be funny and relaxing. I mean restructurings are hard.

I waited as the boss explained why we were in this group, then I said: "I thought it was because we were cool."

A speech therapist once told me I speak really quietly. I think it is partly my hearing and partly weakness in vocal muscles. She had me speak in what seemed like a yelling voice to me. She said it sounded normal volume-wise.

I wish I remembered that at the meeting.

I made my hilarious point, and not even the people right next to me heard what I said. The entire room, however, heard that I said something. Every eyeball in the room turned to me, and people asked what I said.

The good news: I did not throw up or pass out. And when I repeated my joke, everyone laughed.

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