Monday, November 15, 2010

Got my 6

On the last climb this past weekend, my partners started getting me on the wall when my belayer hollered at them that I wasn't fastened in yet. We laughed and I asked if they were trying to kill me. My belayer said, "I got your 6, buddy." The thing that is really awesome, when climbing, I know all my helpers all do.

I must be getting better or at least more used to rock climbing. We went Friday night, and I was not unbelievably sore Saturday. Once I got out of bed anyway.

I kept waking up early and wanting Advil, which was on the window sill right above me. But I didn't want to move -- I hurt to much. It is definitely a good hurt, though.

We went back to Rockville -- despite what REM says. Six of us, and they all helped me make it to the top on two of three climbs.

We did the chimney first, and I am glad I had two climbers helping me, one on either side. J frequently gave me little pushes so I could reach one hold or another, which I suppose is cheating but I needed it. R pointed out holds. And both held my legs in place so I could push off.

The chimney climb was harder than last time. I did not think I would ever make it over the outcropping of wall. But after a time I did, and then it is a short climb to the top.

My feet still didn't stay on the holds really, but I did try to climb one leg than the other, like Crazy Climber from the '80s video games. It occasionally worked.

I watched one of the other folks I was with do this really hard climb. He was like spread out on the wall, using his fingernails and toes. It was pretty amazing.

The last climb was the only one where I didn't get all the way to the top. That one narrowed out so only I could get up. My climbing partners could not go up next to me. I thought about trying to do it without them but I was tired and it was getting late.

I was better off than J, who kept putting her foot on a hold only to have it turn. Apparently, that is why the third climb had more trouble than expected.


Anonymous said...

like the Facebook pictures. You wore the perfect shirt for climbing! you're climbing effort definitely require undaunted determination!

Anonymous said...

And it needs to be did make it to the top of the third climb. you were one hold away from the top of the climb but r's climb stopped below it and mine was too far away. actually did start to climb on your own but we stopped you because we wouldn't be able to help you down so easily! did make it to the top, see? ;) ADB!!! Woohoooo!!! You are THAT awesome!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

You make me cry, but in a good way

Matt Trott said...

Just for you, sdt.

I felt like going down was getting easier.

And back atcha, mtc.

Anonymous said...

Crying is underrated.

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