Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's a wheelchair, not a bra

I have never purchased a bra.. Never been in a Victoria's Secret.

I do seem to go to the Victoria's Secret website occasionally. Last week I went their to see whether the photo I was using was of one of their stores. It was, I am sure, but I could not prove it. The time before that I needed some caption info on the jewel-ecrusted bra Adrianna Lima was wearing. Sometimes my job is hard.

When I got my new wheelchair yesterday, I started thinking bra.

It needed some tweaks before it felt comfortable and when it finally did fit right, it was with some fancy wheels that said "the Natural-Fit." on the rims.

Apparently, that is the name of this wheel handrim system that covers the part of the wheel where you put your thumb. The thumb just slides along this groove. It is very cool, but the name still reminds me of bras.

It is a very plain chair and very light. There is so little of it, compared to my old manual. The website assures me it is cool, too. It is just like my brother's, although unlike the clothes horse of the family, I did not get the clothes protectors.

Between the TiLite and a shower chair I bought earlier, I have spent way more money than I have. I still don't know what the final cost to me will be because insurance doesn't get called in till I take delivery.

I may need Adrianna to hock her bra for me.


Anonymous said...

your entry is hysterical and I am so glad that you finally got the chair. Enjoy. I think you should share your entry with John and maybe other venues.

Matt Trott said...


Anonymous said...

It's a business themed lingerie cartoon!


Matt Trott said...

I like it!

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