Saturday, January 1, 2011

Matt the dorky adult gets results

Claren's puppy raisers told me she almost didn't graduate because she would not speak. That is still not her favorite thing, but I am surprised she did not flunk out of service dog school because of dof distraction.

Actually she is pretty good about it. In work situations especially.

Elsewhere, she reminds me of the head cheerleader/class president in high school. She is sure that every over dog wants, no, needs, to meet her.

On walks, I make her sit if we see other dogs coming and she is pretty good ... assuming, of course, the other dog is not loose and not able to walk right up to her.

Mom and I had taken the little goofballs on the bike trail, and while they were playing at one of the exercise posts, I saw a dog wandering loose with a group of people.

I told Mom and turned to keep me between the trail and other dog and Claren. I had Claren sit (once she saw the dog, she laid down).

The people and the loose dog came up. I saw one of the people was carrying a leash. The dog wandered around me and smelled Claren, who did break her down but just sniffed back.

One of the people, all college-age or younger, called the dog, and it eventually left Claren alone. Then it was my turn.

Without turning, I yelled, "there are leash laws, folks." Then I spun the wheelchair and said, "Leash your dog."

I wish I could say it felt good. It didn't. I felt like a whiny adult. They just kind of stared, but about 10 yards away, they did stop and put a leash on their dog.


Anonymous said...

The neighborhood watch should be out enforcing leash laws instead of harassing folks in chairs.

Matt Trott said...

Ha, yeah!

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