Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Matt shows some skin

I wrote yesterday that the bathroom in the conference room was OK because it has two wheelchair stalls.

Not really.

I had to use the second stall today because someone was in the first.

Turns out it is a hybrid stall, which sounds like it should be awesome but is not. It was wider than normal stalls with grab bars on the walls, but no room for my chair next to the toilet. And thank goodness Claren got the day off: She'd have had nowhere to go.

The only way to close the stall door was to wheel up so my chair touched the toilet. Of course, then I could not get out of my chair. And I did have to use the bathroom.

I wound up just leaving the door cracked open while I sat and took care of business.

I know many people who aren't in wheelchairs use wheelchair stalls sometimes and sometimes for good reasons. But when you are alone, not in a chair and there is a stall right next door with a high toilet and grab bars, I really wish they wouldn't.

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