Saturday, February 19, 2011

Working the legs

I only climbed two walls last night at EarthTreks Rockville, but I got a ton of exercise.

We switched things up a bit, and my normal belayer P helped me climb.

While he braced my feet on the holds, I had to get my feet there on my own. It was tough. But he, like all my climbing friends, was incredibly patient with me. On the first climb, he even had me use his leg as a hold for my feet when no good holds were reachable.

Others I was with noticed that I was working my own legs more, so that felt good.

I continued to hold myself on the wall. I relied on the belaying rope alone just a few times, not that I am climbing without it anytime soon.

I also continued campusing, using just my arms. Usually, I just do it to kind of nudge me into a better position to reach a foothold.

No photos, I am afraid. Next time ...

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M.G.H. said...

Yay!! Gooooo Matt!! :-) That's awesome. Let me know if you ever need a stand-in photographer. :)

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