Friday, March 25, 2011

Have I told you lately how much I hate you, FA?

I should be climbing tonight. Instead, I am home reading and writing with stuffed animal Blue 2 under my right arm. My shoulder had been sending out little twinges all day, but on the ride home from work every bump made me wince. So I decided to cancel climbing.

I have a nerve somewhere in my shoulder that gets pinched, stretched, twisted or something. I will try to turn my head or raise my arm, and I will feel a flash of what is as near to unbearable pain as I hope to know. The flash of pain often causes me to spasm and jerk to stop the pain, which makes for some fun times. After that, it settles down then into simple pain.

Granted, Friedreich's ataxia did not cause the recalcitrant nerve. That achievement goes to a wheelchair, sitting all the time, using my arms much more than they are made for, etc., but FA causes all them. So it's like the Prime Mover.

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