Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm old

I was in the doctor's office today for my physical. Everything was cool: She thought I was doing really well, and no more tests are planned. My blood is my own, once again. And I am free to flush my stuff down the toilet again. YEAH!

But what really hit me is that I am old. My doctor didn't say anything. She wasn't even in the exam room when I came to this conclusion.

She stepped out for a moment and my eyes fell upon a Good Housekeeping magazine touting an interview with Kelly Ripa called Fab at Forty.

I am as old as Kelly Ripa? And she's 40?

Kelly Ripa is obviously an adult. They wouldn't hire a young person to be Regis' foil for all those years.

I know this is stupid, but it did really make me feel old. I guess if that is the worst thing that happens at the doctor, you are lucky.

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Anonymous said...

you are not old.

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