Monday, April 25, 2011

Aw crap, no more sugar

I got the results of the Test that dare not speak its name, and it was a mixed bag.

I have an overabundance of digestive enzymes, which is really good and apparently rare in folks with digestive issues, the nutritionist says.

Unfortunately, I also have none of the good bacteria Lactobacillus and a smattering of the fungus Candida. Apparently the combination is not so cool.

I am going to start taking probiotics to replace the Lactobacillus, and three days later a supplement to remove the Candida.

The worst thing is that Candida apparently likes sugar, meaning I need to cut my sugar. The nutritionist did not actually say "no sugar." She just said I should try to avoid anything that you add sugar to. But she also said anything Mom makes is OK.

Now, I just need to persuade Mom to put sugar in my tea every morning.


Anonymous said...

join the club

Tony said...

No sugar is not real easy, but when you do cut it down a lot, it can make you feel so much better that you won't want to go back. That's my case anyway.

Matt Trott said...

We'll see. Thanks!

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