Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm sorry, Claren

I am a bad father so Claren is wearing an Elizabethan collar for the next two weeks.

Everyone said her eye is awful red. Just allergies, I replied. The vet last month wasn't worried either.

Maybe it started as allergies, but now she has a huge lesion on her eyeball. I could see it clearly when I looked. Oh, and her nose has some crusty growth on it, and her ears are irritated. Good job, Matt, way to care for your dog.

At least she is receiving treatment, which is better than if she was in the wild, leading a big pack of yellow labs. Claren would be the leader, not because she is an alpha dog but because everyone else got tired of her asking if she could be the leader "pleasepleaseplease. Be your best friend. Come on. Pleasepleaseplease."

But then disaster would strike. Claren injures her eye and goes blind. Some young tough named Stone Cold decides he doesn't want to be led by a half-blind dumb blonde, and he jumps Claren, who at first thinks they are just playing. So she has to fight, and either she dies or she is forced to kill Stone Cold, which turns her into a bitter, sad dog for the rest of her life.

Wow, she is lucky to be wearing that Elizabethan collar.


Anonymous said...

Everyone does it...just ask your 3 sister who have each told sick you are not sick, you can go to school, only to get the dreaded call from the nurses' office.


Anonymous said...

There was the time I told M to walk off a broken ankle...

Ellen said...

I think my mom did it on purpose, thinking, "Well, at least I'll get an hour or two." And she's the best mom ever.

Matt Trott said...

See, but it isn't the same because Claren is much cooler than most kids. HA Kidding

Anonymous said...

you are soo amusing.
ask M to tell you about the time i was mad at her for saying she was sick and said fine stay home, and as I walked B down to school (probably kindergarten), she yakked. Mom of the year

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