Saturday, June 4, 2011

Can't say the walls won, but ...

I finally got back to rock climbing after a few months off.

I missed it and had a lot of fun back on the walls, but I didn't make it to the top either time. I probably should have done some easier climbs, but I tried two tall walls.

On the first climb, my helper attached herself to my rope to keep near me. It wasn't the best idea. When she lost her hold on the wall, say when my foot slipped off a foothold and smashed onto her hand, she dragged me with her. Not that we fell -- we just were swinging on roped not holding the wall.

Also, near the top there was an outcrop for my helper but not me. I am sure she could have gotten over it but not tethered to me. But with the tether there was no room for us both. I would have had to climb the last 10-15 feet alone.

I considered asking if I could and trying to, but I knew I was struggling. So we called it quits there.

The second wall was another tough one -- the dreaded chimney, with its outward leaning wall and its overhang and its narrow spaces.

I think I started that climb about 9 p.m. and when I called it quits and got down, it was like 9:55. I kept twisting oddly. I think I might try without the shoulder harness next time -- that seemed to be pulling at me. But probably I was just twisting oddly.

My helper on that one did say my legs seemed stronger, and he should know -- several times he let me use his thigh for a foothold. I feel kind of bad about doing that though.

It wore me out. I was sore before I got home.


Anonymous said...

glad you got back climbing again. You look happy! Good for you to climbing at 9:55. I was dead and in bed!

Matt Trott said...

I had my post-work, pre-climbing nap!

Sharon said...

Nice, Matt! You look great in that last photo!

Matt Trott said...

That picture was supposed to be a joke. I was surprised how happy I look.

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