Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I want to be Clarence Clemons

For years I have wanted to be Bruce Springsteen. How cool would it be to have people striving to touch you or even your boot? As I read a bunch of the obituaries for Clarence Clemons, I think I may have chosen the wrong resident of E Street.

I know me as a 6-foot-5 black sax player? That would be so awesome.

It was this Clarence quote from the Washington Post's obit (misplayed, buried in the B section) that changed my mind: "Somebody said to me, ‘Whenever somebody says your name, a smile comes to their face.’ That’s a great accolade.”

I don't imagine I will ever be that famous, but that is all I could want.

This is the song I think of when I think of the Big Man.

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