Friday, July 29, 2011

Stressed and 40

Today I turned 40. A week ago I left a workplace I loved and co-workers who loved me. Tomorrow I have my first birthday party that includes more than relatives. By first I mean first ever, first in 40 years, etc. Monday, I start a new job. On Tuesday, my employer runs out of money to pay bills.

Most of these things are good stress, but my stomach tends not to know the difference.


Anonymous said...

Do not worry. Take as many deep breaths as necessary wihtut hyperventilating and forge ahead.

Happy birthday--may the coming year hold many unexpected happy turns and only the very best for you, your family and Claren.

Love, A Fan

Anonymous said...

all will be good. hang in there.

Matt Trott said...

Deep breaths and happy thoughts, thanks all!

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