Monday, August 22, 2011

An exciting, but gross, fall

I haven't written about falling recently. Not, of course, because I haven't fallen. Friedreich's ataxia and all. Mostly, I just got bored writing: I fell and I got up again blah blah blah.

But today was a new one. I fell while going to the bathroom.

Before I left work at quitting time, I stopped by the restroom to make sure my bladder, which does not care about whether it is full or not, was not going to be a problem on the subway ride home.

I stood up before the toilet, started going, then just tipped over more or less in midstream.

I fell on Claren, but my clothes took most of the spray that did not stop just because I fell. One of my shoes got scuffed up, but I was OK and managed to pull myself back into my chair. I was able to hide the damp clothes by creative tucking and then I headed to the subway.

I long for boring falls.

P.S.: But I still exercised..

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Anonymous said...

sorry about the fall, but good for you for exercising. I have been blowing each day. At least four times. Still no improvement yet though.

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