Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I want to choose

You know when it would be really nice to stand and walk (As opposed to all the other times)?

In the subway.

I had to let two trains pass me by today before managing to squeeze on the third.

My sister-in-law will no doubt think that I am exaggerating and that she could have gotten on. She would be wrong.

I saw people who could walk let the trains pass. The difference is they could have squeezed on the train if they chose. I had no choice.

The elevators were surprisingly good today. Normally people who can walk crowd in them because apparently it is easier than walking 20 yards. They do let me in, but it gets crowded.

Today, though, both elevators got there at the same time. I got on one, and the other was swarmed with walkers, but none got in my elevator. It was a little odd but sort of cool. It would have been better if the cute gal got on my elevator and professed her undying love for me. That would have been cool but all kinds of odd.


Tony said...

Trust me, Court House (spelling is wrong as Arlington spells it Courthouse and WMATA spells it Court House) is worse when I go home. I've had to sit on the platform for over half an hour several times and usually have to let at least two sometimes as many as five trains go by before I can squeeze on!

Eight car trains are always empty in the back though!

Anonymous said...

Now you are an official member of the metro bitching club. Cool.

Matt Trott said...

Today, everything went smoothly.

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