Sunday, August 7, 2011

If an awesome tree falls in the forest, is it still awesome?

I know I am awesome and all that, but it is really hard to share that with people when you don't hear well.

I went to the main Interior building last week to get my pass. It was painless. We have a shuttle that takes us there and brings us back.

While waiting for the shuttle on the streets of D.C., a woman joined me and we had a nice little chat. Of course, I didn't understand a thing she said. First, I thought she said she was a recent hire, then I thought she said something about 7 years. She told me her name, but I did not catch it.

One of the things I liked about my old job was the comfort I took because people knew me. Even if I did not hear a question or answer or I ignored them, they still thought I was awesome.

But now, no one really knows me. And it gets harder and harder to show it as my hearing gets worse.


I'm Susan Szold. said...

The new people will GET to know it. They will LEARN it. Before you know, they will KNOW it.

Change is really so damn hard...hang in there.

Matt Trott said...

Thanks, Charlie's Mom. Awesome. If they don't get it, I will just keep on ignoring them ... because I don't hear them.

I'm Susan Szold. said...

Wow, I thought I'd checked off "anoymous" because I was reveling in my role as mystery commenter. This whole system is not conducive to true anonymity.

In any case, I meant what I said and have been lurking here for a while. Now that I inadvertently outed myself, I still mean it!

Matt Trott said...

ha, you can go back to anonymous. I'll forget.

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