Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Does the Hall of Justice have automatic doors?

I haven't mentioned much about my new building, not for any reason really. It's not like it is just a front for a clandestine, super-agent society that is interested in genetic manipulation to give humans powers far beyond those of normal people. Really.

Almost as good as being a secret lair, my building has automatic doors everywhere.

It is actually just a normal building, smaller than USA TODAY. This means there is only one men's room on each floor, with just two stalls. I have found the wheelchair stall filled a time or two, but unless we go to an Ally McBeal-style unisex bathroom, I am not sure there is any better option. And even if I do have to go to another floor, all the restrooms have automatic doors!

I do have to go to one end of the building to go up a ramp to the main door. It is not ideal, I guess, but what is. The automatic main doors make it worthwhile.

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