Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy to be in a wheelchair

This was not officially a ride. It was the wheelchair version
of a pig pile. But it was a happy experience.
Well, not quite.

I told someone recently that the best thing about a wheelchair is giving rides, and the more I thought about it, giving rides is the only happy thing about my chair.

Then I thought, maybe I am being too hard on the chair: It is, after all, a tool that allows me to work every day, to walk Claren, to interact with people on a daily basis.

It does all that and more, and I am often happy in it. But I am rarely happy because of it or because I am in it.

When I give rides, usually to nieces and nephews but also my little sister, I am energized by my chair. I revel in the power. It makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

oh lord...that pic just made me laugh. that seems like a lifetime ago eh? i think it also makes other people smile. they see us as just regular siblings having fun together. i think we made that lady's day the other night when you were giving me a ride up the street.

Anonymous said...

Lazy bones, em!
I am amazed at the pic myself because the one in front is off to her second year of college and the next one back is a freshman this year. You, Matty, look just as young and handsome!

Matt Trott said...

I have less hair (by choice!) but am young and handsome.

It makes me happy; who cares about the other people?

Anonymous said...

ummmm....what the heck? how about you emily and matt look young as ever? ;)

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