Monday, October 17, 2011

Elevator revelation

Finally, I have it figured out: The walking people who use elevators aren't lazy, they're F---ING IDIOTS.

I came to this conclusion today when I got off my train and went to board the waiting elevator. Two walking people slipped on before me. A third was already on, but I give him a pass because he had some luggage.

I said, I need to get on there, thinking they'd make room for me. Nope. Just a little shuffling.

Even louder, I said, I'm supposed to be on it not you! One person moved a little to hold the door open button but did not move herself off the elevator. The guy near the door motioned that there was room or something. I guess he assumed that a) my wheelchair would automatically shrink to fit, and that b) I could leave Claren to take the next elevator.

Eventually, I just waved them away in frustration and got the next one. I learned then why those delicate souls were unable to move: A puddle of liquid kept them frozen to their spots lest the soles of their shoes touch the water.

When you get on an elevator in the metro, it says "Please give priority to seniors and persons using wheelchairs," so even if you ignore the many signs, you really can't miss that the elevators are for those like me.

Like I said: F---ING IDIOTS!


Anonymous said...

unfortunately that is the case. When I first moved here I wrote about my idiot people elevator experiences and it was called "the People's choice" and it was published in the Free-For-All in the Washington Post. I Need to Look for It. I even got $40 for it because that page is union. That will be the only time in my life that I get paid for complaining. Unfortunately it doesn't change the behavior. I suggest you attempt to run people over next time. look on the bright side, your elevator experiences are giving you lots of fodder for the blog.your commute with dad to USA Today was not nearly as entertaining :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with std. You need to be aggressive and say something like, "Getting on--I've waited for x # of trains/elevators already," and just move quickly. They will (or should) get out of your way once they see you're coming and will run over their feet. Honestly, it is survival mode. On occasion, I have waited, and that is when the elevator goes out of service--just for the people who need it most. Don't wait, get on and don't apologize. The elevators are primarily there for you!

Matt Trott said...

Claren keeps me from running over people.

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