Friday, October 14, 2011

How not to win friends and influence people

My boss asked me to write a short news release on this fellow employee who won an award, so I emailed the guy and asked him for a quote. He didn't get back to me, so I called him this morning and while I could not hear much, I did hear his busyness and offer to try to get me something.

I decided I better tell my boss I had the release ready except for the quote and I wasn't sure if he wanted to wait or get someone else to call the guy and get the quote.

Instead, our deputy came over and called the guy and got the quote and then wrote up notes from her interview and emailed them to me. And I finished the release.

And then he emailed the quote.

Not hearing is so rotten.


Anonymous said...

yes, it definitely stinks, but you should have mentioned how you got recognized for your work on the op-ed!

Matt Trott said...


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