Saturday, October 29, 2011

I am jealous of my religion teacher

When I was a senior in high school, my religion teacher told us he never set an alarm when traveling because his guardian angel always woke him up at the right time.

I always thought this was stupid because it discounted your internal body clock, the thing that wakes me up before my alarm most mornings.

Lately, though, I have thought it rather nice, albeit naive.

I wish I could believe God takes such an active role in earthly life. God seems less involved than I was with my aquarium fish.

I fed them, medicated them a little, kept their environment friendly.

Here on earth people die of hunger. I have Friedreich's ataxia, which is still getting worse. I got on the floor today to brush Claren. I was right next to my bed, a super pole and my chair, and I still had to call for help. And it snows in October.

Every damn day something happens that should not happen if a loving God is with us. And I know God exists. I suspect God does care about us. It is awful hard then to buy that God is with us.

That is why I think it would be nice to ignore biology and believe my guardian angel wakes me up.


Anonymous said...

I completely understand. I get very frustrated when some new medical issue interferes with my life. I finish one thing and then there is another. I question why God gives me anything after I have conquered a major issue. Haven't I shown that I can persevere? I don't want any more challenges. So, like you, I am a skeptic. We don't need more issues on top of everything else.

Matt Trott said...


Anonymous said...

I know who your religion teachers were and I would suggest that they be some of the last people on earth that you should be jealous of.

Matt Trott said...

That is what makes it good. No one would ever think to be jealous of Bob, but there it is. Kind of am.

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