Thursday, November 10, 2011

Being disabled sucks, but ...

Being disabled sucks. No two ways about it. It sucks in the morning when I can't get to the bathroom from my bed in time to empty my bladder, even though my bed is 10 feet from my bathroom. It sucks during the day when a tiny pimple on your back becomes a hellish problem because it is constantly squeezed against an uncomfortable back rest. It sucks at night when I slip getting in and out of my comfy chair. It just sucks, OK?

It does, however, force me to ask people to do things you normally would hesitate to ask your spouse. And it gives people a chance to show me just how great their love is. It never ceases to be awe-inspiring.

My little sister, my new housemate, had two such opportunities and she responded with greatness.

Being disabled sucks, but seeing how much you are loved is pretty amazing.


Anonymous said...

you speak the truth. I have found that that is the greatest gift of all. And most people never really fully appreciate those around them who are so generous with their time and commitment, done with grace and not pity. That is what family and friends are all about. And you learn who is a true blue.

Anonymous said...

Well, that really is the "good kind of bitter" isn't it.

ALso, buy 100% pure tea Tree Oil (has to be pure) for the pimple. Under a small bandaid. Goodbye naughty pimple.

Anonymous said...

Or, as Leonard Cohen says,
Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.

Rosie VaBeach said...

I have become better about asking for help. People I do not know offer to help me put groceries in car, hold door for me, try to assist me when I fall. Old, young, male, female, all ethnic backgrounds have helped me. I used to be too proud and independent to accept help, but living with a progressive, disabling disease has humbled me. I accept help with a thank you and a smile. The helper is no longer a stranger to me. (grateful that so far, have not had to accept help for toilet issues.)

Matt Trott said...

Yeah Rosie. I am a fan of helpera

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