Sunday, November 27, 2011

I need more than 10 minutes

Mom's right, of course.

We had just come back from a short ride/walk yesterday -- I rode my handcyle; she walked with Claren.

I was saying that the ride made me sad because I can't even stay in my trike seat -- I keep sliding forward and have to stop and reset myself.

She said that if we spent more than 10 minutes on my issues we could solve them. But all we have is 10 minutes because then another issue pops up.

We were talking about harnessing solutions for my trike and we went in. At that point I hit my heel on the footplate of my chair and remembered that has been a longtime pain.

Mom fixed the wheelchair issue for now by putting some rubber on the footplate but that was after this morning when my alarm clock became the latest issue. The snooze button is so big that I hit it by accident. Then nine minutes after I got up, the alarm went off again. I can't reach my alarm clock without getting in bed, so this morning Claren did not get her continence pill, the bathroom light stayed on, and my door stayed open because I had to get in bed to turn off the alarm.

I was going to go to a store to find a new lock with a more modest snooze bar but no one really stocks clocks. Stores just have them on their websites, but none of those websites really shows snooze bar length. Eventually I ordered one, kind of a guess.

So that is two out three issues solved. Sounds good? It was until my bladder decided it reallyreallyneededtogo. In the ensuing cleanup, which my little sister should not have to do, I missed the end of Once Upon a Time, a fairy tale in real time.

I am pretty confident my story will not have a happily everafter ending.


Anonymous said...

Not a great start to a day, admittedly.

Walmart stocks lots of clocks...

Hope things got better.

Anonymous said...

so someone smart said to me today...the alternatives for both of you are not good places... amen to that... I'll take where we are together over being separate and doing it alone any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

I love you

Matt Trott said...

I ordered a clock from Amazon. Walmart is the next stop.


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