Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Note to self: Go to bed early

I was checking my text messages today and I noticed one from last night from my sister: "you ok down there?" OK is a relative term, I suppose, and I was not hurt. Still, if I heard the text come in, I would have asked for help.

I wasn't injured, but I was on the floor with my underwear around my knees.

I took off my shoes and socks in the bathroom, so I was getting into bed barefoot. Sort of a stupid move, but getting undressed in the bathroom was required -- and that's all I will say about that.

The other issue was my boxers. They are faux-silk and I kept slipping down my chair. But whenever I pulled myself back up, the boxers did find some non-slippery surface to catch on, so I got to my bedside without footwear and with my boxers at mid-cheek.

I am not quite sure what happened next. I stood OK to transfer to the bed. My feet were both on the welcome mat I have by my bed to stand on. But I think I took too long -- I noticed that my bed had moved -- a leg buckled, hit the hardwood floor and slid along it.

I was then on the ground.

I considered calling my sister or getting Claren to bark. I also cursed going to bed after everyone else.

I tried getting up, failed, found my slippers, put them on, tried to stand again, knocked one slipper off but got to the bed, pulled up my boxers and went to bed.

Now I need to go to bed now so others are still downstairs when I go to bed.


Anonymous said...

Ouch. I blame the faux silk boxers.

Glad you didn't hurt yourself.

Anonymous said...

silk boxers? Too much information!

Danger Kitten said...

Oh Matt ... even in the midst of your frustration, your words paint a picture that tells me you are still one of the most clever, hilarious and acerbic men I've ever met. I'm going to bug you to embrace him, too.

Oh, and stupid silk boxers. I have these scuffy things on the bottom of some of my high heels because they slip so badly. Maybe I could iron a pair onto your boxers?? I'd totally do it!

Matt Trott said...

Why is everyone ragging on the silk boxers? They are the hilarious element that makes the story good bitter. If it was just me falling, that is sad, but falling as my boxers slide off? That, my friends, is comedy gold.

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