Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Theological conundrum

My latest theological conundrum: The things that convince me that God is not friendly, is not loving and may not even be there are the same things that make me plead with God for help.

Today, we had an office party for someone's birthday. So uncomfortable. It's loud and I Can't hear. Plus, I wind up staring into people's chests. Then my head started hurting. Then, I coughed and flew into my computer. Then there was an with my wheelchair controller and the metal toilet paper box in the stall at work. I can't believe neither broke.

I finally got home, took some Advil and a little nap. Right before I dozed off I said out loud: ""God, help me."

I am not sure he did. My head still hurt, my glasses were still bent, and my hearing is no better. That's OK; it would have been weird to wake up fine.


Anonymous said...

I do think God hears us but our lessons remain our lessons. Small comfort, I know.

Keep asking.

Anonymous said...

that is why there are days that I am an atheist.

Matt Trott said...

I might go hoarse.

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