Sunday, December 4, 2011


Last night my sister and brother-in-law went out for her birthday. This meant that I stayed home with the kids. Not that I was in charge. Another niece, who is a freshman at a nearby college, came over to babysit. I just had to not do anything stupid. Well, it worked for about five minutes.

On the way to Mom and Dad's for dinner, I got stuck in the yard. I ran into some stuff, and my wheels sank. I called my older niece but she couldn't pull it out. she had to go get Dad and my manual chair. I transferred into that and then Dad and my niece wrestled the power chair free.


Anonymous said...

There's been so much rain (and snow) that when attempting to clear some dead growth, I sank into the mud to my ankles. I then fell over while my ankles remained stuck.

Moral of story for all: stay on pavement!

Anonymous said...

I blame the groundskeepers.

Anonymous said...

fyi, older niece made no mention of this when quizzed about her weekend in the FC. so i'm guessing it did not register as a problem with her.
and i'm with jtg, blame the help

Anonymous said...

the ideal world would have only blacktop!

Matt Trott said...

Don't get me started on ideal worlds. I'm glad she was not scarred by it.

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