Monday, December 12, 2011

Go, Montana, cut that disabled hunter program

Montana is trying to scale back its program for hunters with disabilities, and the disabled hunters are in favor of it.

It seems that people without disabilities are claiming a disability to get into the program, which allows hunters to use vehicle, shoot elk cow and hunt in places others can't.

The authorities say they see hunters dragging a shot elk over mountain terrain but saying they are disabled.

The program requires a doctor's certification, so the law officers do not feel qualified to question a doctor's note even when they see a person who in no way, shape or form appears disabled.

This does not surprise me. I am confident that not all those with handicapped parking permits have a disability.

I do not blame doctors, who are overworked and want to help their patients.

The problem is people who feel that they are owed everything and are entitled to bend the rules to get what they want. Not just of the disabled hunter program but with almost everything -- the economic problems, executive compensation, terrorism, etc.

Riding an elevator does not require a doctor's note, but I am certain that if it did, I would still run into situations like today.

I pulled up to a packed elevator. No one paid me any mind, so I said loudly: "I'm the one who's supposed to be using the elevator." Still nothing. The people at the front of the elevator just looked at me as the doors shut.

Part of me wants this sort of person to become the prey of a disabled-hunter program. But that would be like snapping the rules in half. So I guess they get away with it. Jerks!


Anonymous said...

I want them to become the prey of a disabled hunter. Also, your goddaughter said today that one thing on her Christmas list is for people to stop parking in handicap spots who don't have hp tags.

Anonymous said...

the true irony is that it never stops. I was at the US Department Of Justice today, the nations enforcer of the ADA, and the lift that slides along the stairs did not work. I have been to the building three times in my entire career and each time there has been a problem. If they can't get it right, who can? And the world would be a much better place if your goddaughter ruled the world!

Matt Trott said...

I just could not write about them being prey.

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